Stateline Auto Auctions provides a stress free and fair buying process in the ultimate market place. At Stateline Auto Auctions you will pay the the fair market price for your next vehicle and not a penny more!

Buy quality cars at Stateline Auto Auctions for the best bargain deals in used cars. Impounded cars are usually in police custody for several reasons and you can definitely strike a great bargain for them. As the number of cars being confiscated by the police department and the government is increasing it is not easy for them to be stored and maintained. This costs the government a large amount of money and it is a drain on the finances of the state. The government prefers to sell the vehicles at cheap prices rather than keep them and loose money. These vehicles are available at various vehicle auctions in every state which are held at regular intervals. A look around at the used car auctions will get you many good cars which are almost brand new and being sold at a pittance.

Inspect the cars prior to bidding

Though most of these cars are in good condition and have not done much mileage, it is always best to check them out for yourself. Stateline Auto Auctions have vehicles with clear titles and all the documents in place. So you do not have to worry about this, but do check out the vehicle physically to see what the condition is. If you are not too much of a technical person you can take along someone who is more knowledgeable about vehicles with you. Check the interiors, exteriors and the engine.

The Stateline Auto Auctions reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All items sold “as is” without warranty expressed or implied. The Stateline Auto Auctions reserves the right to withdraw this offer or any individual item offered at any time or for any reason prior to or after auction.